More outstanding catches this week both for pleasure anglers and match anglers, 
Brian Hall from Chaple Park Newecastle fished pole shallow on pellet and paste (out of angel 3mm pellets), caught 48 carp average 4 to 5lb best double figure, and about the same on silvers inc tench, ide, orfe, bream, rudd and roach fishing Lookout peg 27 a great days fishing.

Conner Travis caught a 27lb 10oz common on Bowes peg 31 on double 10mm pellet on hook with hemp, maggot and pellet in pva bag, he also caught 16 others from 8lb he changed to worm tipped with caster and caught 2 bream of 6lb 10oz, and 9lb 11oz, and  6 ide, 
Bassetts has had some great catch rates with national fishing month coaching, and youth clubs getting members coaching, as well as pleasure anglers, all in all great fishing and lots of new anglers coming into coarse fishing. 

Sunday 28th July 2013 open Lookout TON UP
Conditions:- torrential rain overnight and rain this morning,  ambient temp 14 deg , wind W SW 23 rising, barometer 997mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 21.1 deg, DO 5.51 (at dawn) PH 7.76

1st Neil Brown 100lb 3oz peg 13
2nd John Foster 86lb 2oz peg 5
3rd John Dryden 75lb peg 3
4th Graham Skirrey 68lb 15oz peg 24
5th Peter Cairns 62lb 11oz peg 25

Saturday 27th July 2013 open Bowes double weigh in and aerators on 24/7 TON UP
Conditions:- bright sunshine, ambient temp 25 deg, wind E 10mph, barometer 1008.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 21.7 deg, PH 7.58, DO 4.89, MV –37 

1st  Alan Mc Guire 122lb 11oz peg 40 & GP 
2nd Alister Morris 75lb 9oz peg 34 
3rd Colin Pine 67lb 15oz peg 24
4th Ben Huggins 49lb 12oz peg 4
5th Chris Pine 49lb 12oz peg 16
6th Ray Wallace 43lb 10oz peg 37

Wed 25th July 2013 open Bowes
Conditions:- Partly cloudy, heavy torrential rain , amient temp 24 deg, barometer 1019.1, moon phase waning gibbous,  water temp 23.2 deg, ph 7.65, DO 5.25

1st John Dryden 98lb 13oz peg 24
2nd Shane March 83lb 09oz peg 40
3rd George Aitken 67lb 11oz peg 26
4th Alan Mc Guire 67lb 10oz peg 18
5th Ray Wallace 50lb 08oz 34
6th Ricky Bennet 46lb 1oz peg 4 

Monday Eve 22nd July 2013 open Bowes and Lookout TON UP 
Conditons:- Fair, ambient temp 23 deg, Wind E 11 mph, barometer 1016.9 deg, moon phase full, PH 7.59, water temperature 20.5 deg, DO 4.95

1st John Foster 104lb 14oz peg 2 Bowes went over net weight by 8lb 
2nd Peter Wilson 100lb 10oz peg 37 Bowes 
3rd Chris Owers 70lb 7oz peg 25 Lookout
4th John Dryden 69lb 10oz peg 3 Lookout
5th Alan Mc Guire 57lb 08oz peg 34 Bowes
6th Ian Foster 54lb 02oz peg 16 Bowes