Great catches at dusk and dawn with some mixed fishing through the day, best try different methods if not catching steady, keep to what works before changing method, best also to keep a marging swim well fed whilst out at 6mtr or over the back towards islands.

Another mixed weather week which has had major differences in catch rates.
A personal best for Peter Watkins from Crookhall Conset, got a 15lb 12oz a mirror carp  on peg 3 Bowes  on pellet 10mm halibit and feeder with 3mm pellets in, just as he was packing up.
PB 11lb 6oz bream a male for Norman Wilson on Bowes from peg 16, 
Lookout produced 17 crucians for Edward Cummings from peg 37 lookout best was 2lb 9oz he also had 7 tench plus mixed silvers and carp.
Bassetts continues to catch well with best numbers coming out was 96 to Rob Bury on a half day session

Sunday June 2nd 2013 open Lookout 
Conditions:- fair and bright, ambient temp 17 deg,  wind calm, then N then E 8mph., barometer 1027.1mb ,  moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 14.1deg, PH 7.76, DO 7.74
1st Paul Jackson 62lb 4oz peg 5 
2nd Graham Skirry 37lb 6oz peg 16aa
3rd Dave Pearson 36lb 12oz peg 32
4th Neil Brown 34lb peg 24
5th Cchris Gowling 26lb 8oz peg 13
6th Ian Lumb 25lb 4oz peg 42

1st June 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions;- horribly drizzley wet fret till 1pm, then sunny, ambient temp rose to 14 deg, wind calm to WNW 2 mph, barometer 1023 mb, moon phase last quarter , water temp 13.8 deg, DO 7.35, PH 7.67 
1st Peter Wilson 72lb 10oz peg 34 on paste out of angel pellets 
2nd Lee S            later 40lb 11oz peg 2
3rd Chris Pine 40lb peg 6
4th George Atkin 34lb 14oz peg 4 
5th Kim Christie 28lb 11oz peg 37