Sunday 18th March 2012 open /spring league Lookout
Conditions:- fair, ambient temp 6 deg, humidity 87%, wind NNw 8 mph, barometer 1013.8, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 8.5, DO 10.3, PH 7.70, mv 45.
1st Rob Schindler 46lb 11oz peg 3
2nd Chris Owers 45lb 11oz peg 29
3rd Alan Mc Guire 41lb 5oz peg 6
1st section Graham Skirry 29lb 14oz peg 5
2nd Section Neil Brown 34lb 03oz peg 1
3rd Section Dave Cain 23lb 2oz peg 14
4th Section Chris Gowling 39lb 9oz peg 23
Wed 14th March 2012 open Bowes
Conditions:- mostly cloudy, ambient temp 9 deg, humidity 71%, wind ssw 7 mph, barometer 1029.5 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 7.4 deg, PH 7.55, DO 10.75, mv 31
1st Ray Wallace 25lb 13oz (6 carp) peg 22 plus golden peg
2nd Jonny Trainer 15lb 5oz peg 40
3rd Martin Atkin 13lb 1oz peg 34
4th George Atkin 12lb 5oz peg 4
5th John Foster 10lb 9oz peg 2
6th Richard Wildman 9lb 3oz peg 24
Some cracking carp coming out with best on Lookout at 12lb 7oz and Bowes one of the monsters and in Bassets a 7lb 2oz ghostie.
Some excellent orfe to 3lb 6oz, tench in abundance to 8lb 1oz, and golden tench to 3lb 7oz, roach, and perch to 3lb.3oz , Rudd, Ide, Skimmers and some good bream to 4lb 7oz,
Best baits are maggot, pellet, try worm and tip it with corn or caster, but start to feed now with pellet, maggot, chopped worm as they need feeding.