Hopefully most of the worst weather is over even Saturday we had frozen lakes however water temperature has risen to 4 deg wow 

Fish still shoaled very tight and if you get onto a shoal you can have a good session 
Good also that the days are lighter and fish are starting to move a little.

Sunday 3rd March 2013 open Lookout  Conditions the first night without a heavy frost for ages, cloudy, ambeint  temp 7 deg , wind calm, barometer 1024mb, moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 4.6 deg WOW warming up, DO 12.4, PH  8.14 

1st Dave Pearson 35lb peg 16aa
2nd Jonny Trainor 34lb 5oz peg 32
3rd Richard Wildman 25lb 13oz peg 29
4th Neil Brown 24lb 11oz peg 1
5th Kim Christie 23lb 1oz peg 3
6th Peter Cairns 22lb 11oz peg 5  

Friday Graham Skirrey had a great days fishing on peg 25 Lookout with over 60lb of silvers  A huge New fish stocking came in with rudd to 2.5lb roach to 2.2lb and skimmers to 1lb going in to Lookout