Monday 7th May 2012 Open Bowes
Conditions, cloudy, rain later, ambient temp 6 deg feels like 3, wind SSE 16, barometer 1011.2, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 8.2, DO 12.5, PH 7.95, mv 51
1st Dave Pearson 50lb 14 oz peg 23
2nd Alex Burton 29lb 4oz peg 3
3rd Alan Simmons 18lb 12oz peg 16
4th Jonny Trainor 12lb 7oz peg 34

Sunday 6th May 2012 open/League Lookout
Conditions:- overnight frost of –3, fair, ambient temp 6 deg, humidity 92%, wind NE5 mph, barometer 1014.4mb, moon phase FULL, water temp 8.1, DO 12.5, Ph 8.42 ,mv-45
1st Chris Owers 81lb 13oz peg 1
2nd Ian Lumb 47lb 5oz peg 2
3rd Rob Schindler 34lb 9oz peg 6
section 1 Chris Gowling 31lb 10oz peg 25
section 2 Paul Jackson 32lb 7oz peg 29
section 3 Tommy Marshall 23lb 6oz peg 14
section 4 Alan Simmons 21lb 14oz peg 3

Friday 4th May 2012 hassra Lookout
Conditions:- Rain and showers and some sleet, ambient temp 7 deg (feels like 3) wind N 13 mph, barometer 1008.4mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 8.1 deg, DO 8.7 ppm, PH 7.9, mv57
1st Nigel Ripley 31lb 15oz peg 3
2nd Steve Guy 18lb 6oz peg 5
3rd B Evans 17lb 5oz peg 27

Wednesday 2nd May 2012 open Bowes
Conditions:- Overnight rain, then mostly cloudy, ambient temp 8 deg, wind NNE15mph barometer 1025.4 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 8.8 deg, PH 7.75, DO 8.7, mv-51
1st Rob Emmery 37lb 11oz peg 2
2nd Alan Mc Guire 27lb 9oz peg 24
3rd Jony Trainor 25lb 12oz peg 4
3rd Graham Skirrey 25lb 12oz peg 26
5th John Dryden 20lb 6oz peg 18
6th Ray Wallace 13lb 01oz peg 22
The wind direction has helped determine which pegs are doing well, as the cold N and E winds have dominated this week, even after some frosts down to –3, fish all ready to spawn but cold water temperatures holding them back but it does allow for the fish to feed well.
Some very good size and quality individual fish once again being caught
Quantities have started rising with 81lb 13oz in the match on Sunday, as well as Norman Eade produced 147 fish from Bassetts in a half day session.
Brian Fox from Newcastle caught five carp on conker to 10lb 6oz and one 25lb 6oz mirror on conker, also two bream of 5lb 2 and 7lb 10oz on worm tipped with corn.