Ton up in Monday evenings 3 hour match by Chris Owers is we hope a good sign things to come if the weather settles down a bit, 
Some large bream being caught best was 10lb 1oz a male ready to spawn, Ide overt 3lb caught in good numbers and golden tench to 3lb 7oz , rudd to 2lb 3oz and roach to 2lb 5oz all catching well, carp lots of anglers have had personal best double figures out and crucians to 2lb and half an oz , 
Best hook baits are paste made out of angels 3mm pellets, 10mm pellets on pellet waggler, double maggot for most silvers or chopped worm topped with caster,feed angel feed pellets or mix ground bait with maggot and caster, for good results start increasing feed as water temp starts to rise.

Sunday 19th May 2013 open Lookout
Conditions after excessive rain in past 24 hours the morning was foggy, partly cloudy , ambient temp 15 deg, wind ENE 8 mph, barometer 1012.9 mb, moon phase waxing Gibbous,water temp dropped to 11.9 deg, ph 6.99, DO 12.5
1st Peter Cairns 42lb 13oz peg 25
2nd P Jackson 36lb 5oz peg 31
3rd Ian Lumb 33lb 13oz peg 1
4th Lois Mc Intosh 32lb 7oz peg 5
5th Alan Mc Guire 28lb 4oz peg 9
6th Dave Pearson 26lb 9oz peg 15

Sat 18th May 2013 open Bowes heavy heavy rain 
Conditions  overnight torrential rain, and rain all day, ambient temp 8 deg, wind NNE 8 mph. Barometer 1005.1m,b, moon phase first quarter, water temp 11 deg, PH 7.77, DO 12.1 
1st Dave Pearson 78lb 12oz peg 12
2nd Chris Pine 45lb 11oz peg 3
3rd Ben Huggins 38lb 10oz peg 16
rest dnw

Wed match cancelled because of torrential rain.

Monday 13th May eve match Bowes, and Lookout ton up in 3 hours! Cracking weights
Conditions partly cloudy and windy, ambient temp 8 deg, wind WSW 22 mph, barometer 1002.7 , moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 12.6 deg, PH 7.87 DO 12.9
1st Chris Owers 112lb 2oz peg 24 Bowes on paste down side
2nd Alex Burton 89lb 9oz peg 24 Lookout  
3rd John Foster 85lb  peg 22 Bowes
4th Dave Pearson 68lb peg 25 Lookout 
5th Peter F 52lb 8oz peg 34 Bowes 
6th Alan Mc Guire 47lb peg 4 Bowes

Draw 5.30 fishing 6pm to 9pm 
Angling Coaching every Saturday morning as group sessions or one to one through week