In a week with plummeting water temperatures , fishing is still going well. On Bowes lake ide and bream have been the main species caught, with the odd large carp chucked in for those who are willing wait for bites. Lookout lake has also seen good catches of both quality silverfish and plenty of carp. Bassets is great for the colder days as it is so sheltered from the elements, fishing has also been great, expect plenty of bites from silverfish and carp alike. Sweetcorn and maggots have produced best nets of fish and pellet for targeting the larger carp on all lakes.

Sunday 16th November , Lookout lake.

Conditions: Very cold overnight with thick fog for the most of the day. Temperature- 8 deg. Wind – SE 3mph. Moon phase- Wanning Cresent. Barometer- 1003.1mb. Water temperature- 3.8 deg. Do- 8.1 Ph-7.28

1st chris pine 79lb 2oz peg 1

2nd lee slater 67lb 5oz peg 32

3rd john dryden 40lb peg24