Sunday 27th Nov 2011 open Lookout
Conditions:- heavy rain and winds overnight, followed by  Fair and High gusty winds, ambient temp 8 deg,  to 48mph,   winds gusting to 48 mph, barometer 1004.4, waxing crescent, DO 8.9, Temp 6.9 deg, PH 7.61, MV41
1st Peter Cairns 49lb 1oz peg 3  bomb straight lead on punch and corn to far bank.
2nd Ben Huggins 38lb 4oz peg 13
3rd Alan Mcguire 29lb 6oz peg 24
4th Neil Brown 25lb 14oz peg 15
5th Malcolm Fox 25lb 5oz peg 16aa
6th Chris Pine 13lb 7oz peg 29
Wed 23rd Nov 2011 Open Bassetts
Conditions:- Cloudy, ambient temp 11deg , humidity 78%, wind SSW 12mph, barometer 1018.3mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 6.9 deg, Ph 7.53, DO 9.1, MV36
1st Jonny Trainer 38lb 6oz peg 9  Pellet 6mm angel banded
2nd Alan Mc Guire 37lb 14oz peg 12
3rd John Foster 29lb 5oz peg 2
4th Neil Brown 26lb 6oz peg 11
5th Rob Emmry 23lb 11oz peg 7
6th Graham Skirrey 20lb 2oz peg 5
Some very good catches coming out with Banded pellet and maggot working, as well as corn.
Pairs match on Wed 28th Dec and a open on Boxing day
Names being taken now