Wow Snow, Sleet, torrential rain. Sun, and coldest night was -1 what a week of mixed weather.

Our poor anglers on Saturday ended up like snowmen with the horrid weather and water temperature plummeted to 5 .1 deg, a three deg drop from Friday. 
Sunday was a different day with 10 deg temperature and hey it was DRY no rain wow!!!
Fish also started to switch on and feed.

Birthday party on Bassetts on Saturday in cold horrible conditions did not put the Birthday boy of and everyone caught with even a good carp of 4lb 2oz being caught on maggots.

Lookout switched back on to fish after the snow when the barometer lowered on Sunday with 30lb 1oz on Sunday
Bowes Wed produced 73lb 7oz from peg 34  and fish moved out to the margins along 20 and 30 banks sheltering from the north cold winds.
Maggots working well and lots of ide, carp, rudd, orfe getting caught,.

Sunday 28th Oct 12 open Lookout
Conditions, Fair, ambient temp 7 deg,  wind W 6, barometer 1008.1, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 6.7 deg, PH 7.89, DO 9.2

1st Peter Cairns 30lb 1oz peg11
2nd David Pearson 24lb 1oz peg 25
3rd Richard Wildman 13lb 8oz peg 21

Sat 27th Oct 2012 open BowesConditions:-  snow and –1 overnight, followed by snow, sleet,  ambient temp 2 deg, wind NW 7, barometer 1021, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp dropped 5.8 deg, DO 10.1, PH 7.52
1st Chris Pine 3lb 5oz peg 14
2nd Tommy Marshall 2lb 7oz peg 2

Wed 24th Oct 2012 open BowesConditions, heavy rain overnight, drizzle all day, ambient temp 10 deg,  wind NE5 mph, barometer 1024, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp  DO PH
1st   Rob Emmery 73lb 7oz peg 34 inc gp
2nd Jonny Trainor 39lb 06oz peg peg 40
3rd Geordie Atkin 25lb 9oz peg 24