Some very heavy frosts this week has dropped water temperature and also put fish into tight schoals get onto schoals and good catches but look for the best pegs according to wind. 
Best carp out this week was from Alan Etherington on Bowes on peg 3 a mirror of 21lb 2oz , Lookout produced a great tench of 8lb 10oz a female on peg 39 by Edward Green from Washington.
Bassetts has been very busy with pleasure anglers and with angling coaching with students from the hub and Oxclose school learning to fish as well as other individuals learning.  All have caught well especially on triple maggot and the best out was a 3lb 8oz carp. 
Bowes the fish has schoaled tight so it is very important to now use watercraft to choose the peg to fish from, still 50 to 100 lb bags being caught if you are on a schoal, maggot and worm as well as pellet doing well.
Pegs 2, 3, 4,  on a west wind doing well and 22, 23, 24, on a East wind, Lookout is very peggy at the moment with wind direction affecting where fish are as well as if they are feeding or not, best times are dusk and dawn. 
Wed 2nd October 2012 open Bowes Conditions:- heavy overnight rain,  Fine then rain and showers yet again,  ambient temp 11 deg, wind W 7mph, low barometer 993.1mb,  moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 10.2, ph 8.19, DO 9.9
1st John Dryden 50lb 8oz peg 2 inc gp
2nd Derek Fox 41lb 2oz peg 24
3rd Martin Atkin 20lb 2oz peg 4

Sat 6th Oct 12 open Bowes Conditions,  cold overnight with heavy rain then Sunny, ambient temp 7 deg, wind wsw 6, barometer 1008.1 mb,  moon phase waning gibbous,  water temp 9.8, DO 8.8, PH 8.10
1st   Ben Huggins 51lb 6oz peg 4  all silvers
2nd  Colin Pine 37lb 1oz  peg 3 
3rd  Eddie Collins 17lb 3oz peg 23

Sunday  7th Oct 2012 open Lookout
Conditions:- heavy overnight frost , sunny,  ambient temp 7 deg,  wind NW 2 mph, barometer  1020,  waning gibbous,  water temp 9.1, DO9.4, PH 8.01
1st Dave Pearson 13lb 6oz peg 32 
2nd Neil Brown 7lb 1oz  peg 1 
3rd Richard Wildman 5lb 9oz

Frost for two nights in a row put fish of feeding