A very changeable week with the weather  some heavy rains, winds and now a storm threatning, fish still feeding well however with pleasure anglers chatching very close in at top 3 with bream, ide, tench perch, chub all being caught in good numbers, carp also feeding well, Don Moore from Whitten caught 11 carp for over 100lb on bowes peg 16 whilst his friend George Taylor on peg  15 caught over 40 ide, orfe, bream and tench. 
Lenny Chambers on Lookout peg 3 fished up in the water and caught rud, ide orfe bream and then carp  went home early however as he was soaked through.

Bassetts continues to catch very well amazing pond, Maggots 3 on hook to catch silvers and 7 ish to catch carp, worms over chopped worm mixed with caster also catching very well, groundbait mixed with hemp and pellet on hook catching ok, sweetcon on hook with micro pellets fed also doing well, 

Check in reception for the water thermals as we have had 3 deg difference from surface to bottom then Sunday it was coldest in the middle warmest on surface also at the moment the winning pegs are still with wind direct into them Sunday 27th Oct 2013 open Lookout
Heavy overnight rain then rain and wind to WSW 27mph building for tonights storm, ambient temp 13 deg,  low barometer 981.7, moon phase last quarter, water temp bottom 10.7 middle 10 and surface 10.4 deg , ph 7.45, DO 6.31

1st John Foster 76lb 10oz peg 24
2nd Tommy Barnes 49lb 9oz peg 11
3rd Alan Mc Guire 43lb 2oz peg 32
4th Jackie Nelson 28lb peg 5
5th Peter Cairns 26lb 15oz peg 29
6th M Craig 18lb 11oz peg 3

Sat 26th Oct 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions:-  heavy rain overnight, partly cloudy, wind SSW6 then picked up to SSW 22 mph  barometer was 1010mb dropped to 994.2mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 11.1, DO 6.31, PH 7.55

1st Chris Pine 66lb 2oz peg 16 worm and sweetcorn 
2nd Mike Babbs 45lb 15oz peg 4 
3rd Tom Barnes 19lb 6oz peg 34
4th Shaun Walker 17lb 7oz peg 2 
rest dnw 

Wed 23rd Oct 2013 open Bowes
Conditions:- heavy overnight and morning rain and partly cloudy also very windy with gusts W25 to 35 mph, ambient temp 13  deg, barometer 986.5 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 9.4 deg, PH 7.55, DO 6.95

1st Derek Fox 40lb 4oz peg 34
2nd Rob Emery 36lb 7oz peg 24
3rd Geordie Atkin 31lb 6oz peg 4
4th Richard Wildman 31lb 5oz peg 16
5th Ray wallace 22lb 04 peg 22
6th John Dryden 16lb 01oz peg 2