Some good individual double figure carp coming out this week with most pleasure anglers opting for two rods now water temperatures have dropped to single figure, best out was a 21lb common carp on peg 19 fished tight in left corner on maggot over caster and hemp by Charles Williams from Manchester who is working at the metro centre and travels home at weekends.  worm also catching some good bream as well and some cracking silvers out, with best ide at 3lb 6oz,  best tench was 7lb 1oz, 
Some interesting fishing if you target silvers it seems the carp move in later on to feed and bully the silvers out of the way,  George White from Morpeth targeted silvers on peg 25 and caught over 50lb before the carp took over and he had 18 carp on pole to add to his catch good days fishing but he got soken wet with the rain and his coat wasn’t waterproof .
Some cracking days fishing on this pond with competent anglers catching over 100 fish in a days fishing and angling coaching student taken over 10 in a 2 hour session Jonny Brown 14 yrs old from Sunderland caught a 5 lb carp his best weight since starting his lessons.

Sunday 20th Oct 2013 open Lookout
Conditions:- heavy rain overnight, overcast, ambient temp 13 deg, wind S 14 mph, barometer low  998.3mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 9.8 deg, ph 7.65, DO 6.65
1st Alan Mc Guire 49lb 1oz peg 29
2nd Chris Pine 46lb 10oz peg 5
3rd Barry  Evans 35lb 9oz peg 15
4th Richard Wildman 35lb 5oz peg 38
5th J Mitchell 30lb 13oz peg 13
6th John dryden 26lb 2oz peg 24 

Saturday 19th Oct 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions:- Light rain, ambient temp 11 deg, wind SE4mph, barometer dropping to 993.mb, moon phase full, water temp 9.8 deg, DO 6.95, PH 7.55
1st Chris Pine 44lb 15oz peg 2 
2nd Colin Pine 35lb 7oz peg 5
3rd Richard Wildman 28lb 6oz peg 40
rest dnw

Wed 16th Oct 2013 open Lookout 
Conditions:- thick fog, cloudy then rain, ambient temp 10 deg, wind SE 1 1mph , Barometer 1002.5 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 9.7surface down to 7 deg bottom,  deg, DO 6.95, PH 7.55 horrid wet cold day 
1st Rob Emery 77lb 2oz peg 40
2nd Derek Fox 66lb 11oz peg 16
3rd John Dryden 37lb 8oz peg 2
4th John Foster 24lb 8oz peg 24
5th Jackie Nelson 18lb 3oz peg 34
rest dnw