Some Ton up weights and great catches on all 3 lakes even though we have had frosts and strong cold winds and cold rain all species catching and moving around lakes looking for food.
Monday 17th April 2017 open Lookout
Overnight frost, Mostly cloudy, ambient temp8 deg, showers, wind ENE 5 mph, barometer1026 mb water temp 6,95 deg, PH 7.25, DO 7.80, mv –25
1st Dave Pearson 81lb 11oz peg 1
2nd Martin Craig 78lb 6oz peg 23
3rd John Foster 61lb peg 3
Sunday 16th April 2017 open Lookout
Frost overnight , rain Overcast , ambient temp 6 deg, wind W 9mph, cold rain , barometer 1019, water temp 6.25 deg, PH 7.25, DO 8.15, mv –20
1st David Pearson 70lb 1oz peg 16aa angel 6 and 8 mm pellet over angel 3mm pellet
2nd Brian Hall 46lb 13oz peg 1
3rd Chris Pine 44lb 7oz peg 11
Saturday 15th April 2017 Lookout TON UP
Partly cloudy, ambient temp 11 deg, wind W20mph Barometer 1016 mb, water temp 10.1 deg, PH 7.25, DO 7.24 mv 24
1st John Dryden 164lb 14oz peg 22 in margins angel hard pellet on hook over angel feed pellet
2nd Dave Pearson 98lb 6oz peg 1
3rd Rob Emery 65lb 10oz peg 4