On warm days fishing was excellent with some outstanding size fish of all species getting caught, Fish feeding up and getting extra weight on before winter , water temperatures have varied and there are some different thermal layers where fish are keeping warm out of the cold east winds. Sheltered water has been the way forward on most days for good catches.

Although its been  a great week for ducks lots of cold rain and east winds made anglers work for the catches,

Sunday 13th Sept 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- heavy rain yesterday then partly cloudy, ambient temp 15 deg. Wind ESE5 mph,  Barometer 1004.1mb, moon phase new, water temp 14.8  deg, PH 7.01, DO 11.1

Mv –33

1st Ray Laing 61lb 1oz peg 1

2nd Dave Pearson 46lb 15oz peg 13

3rd John Nelson 43lb 15oz peg 24

Wed 9th Sept 2015 open Bowes

Conditions  overcast, ambient temp 13 deg, wind calm at first then cold ESE 9mph, barometer 1026

Water temp 13.6 deg, ph 7.31, DO 7.95, mv –311

1st  Alan Simmons 51lb 3oz peg 4

2nd Ricky Bennet 38lb 7oz peg 40

3rd D Jones 33lb 9oz peg 24

Matches through Autumn Winter

Wednesday day draw 9am  Bowes

Sunday day draw 9am Lookout