More ton ups and a good week with some good fish caught and at your feet, you need to be patient and work to bring fish into your swim, once there you can achieve fish a chuck, then it will quiet down again, most fish this week have been up in the water pole anglers doing very well. Pellet waggler also has done well this week, with water temperatures holding well considering coldest night was 4 deg.

Remember to let only a few pellets at a time hit the water with a splash to attract fish to your swim, 

Pellet and Paste for Carp  chopped worm and caster for silvers and some carp

Den Wilkinson who has just retired had over 200 lb in a day session with most ending up carp on pellet and fed pellet, best out for him was a 11lb 2oz common, which was caught less that 4 foot in front of his peg, he also caught in margins on chopped worm over caster and had an ide at 3lb 9 oz, he went home happy but shattered he said.

Sunday 20th Sept  2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- mostly cloudy, abmient temp 15 deg, wind SW 7 mph, barometer 1023mb, water temp 14.7 deg, DO 7.6, PH 7.18, mv –41

1st David  Hurbert 95lb 13oz peg 5

2nd  Anth Murray 51lb 13oz peg 27

3rd Alan Mc Guire 48lb 13oz peg 30

4th Chris Pine 44lb 3oz peg 3

Wednesday 16th Sept 2015  open Bowes  Ton Up

Conditions :-  overnight temperatures dropped to 5 deg, then warmed by sunny day, ambient temp 12 deg, wind WNW 5 mph, low barometer 996mb, water temp 13.1 deg, PH 7.35, DO  11.2. mv –35

1st Alan Mc Guire 104lb 3oz peg 40

2nd Dan Jones 45lb 3oz peg 24

3rd Martin Craig 45lb peg 22

Matches Autumn and Winter are :

Sundays on Lookout 9am draw

Wednesdays on Bowes 9am draw

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We are open All winter now  With John Roberts level 2 angling coach now residing on site whilst Arty and I have some time in the sun later in the year.


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