More ton ups, and Warm weather ahead will get fish feeding up well and raise water temperatures after the water temperatures dropped this week with such cold nights and cold rain.
Cracking Ide, tench, Rudd, Roach, chub,  and some very large Carp as well as double figured carp out this week and a 3lb 4oz perch fish started to shoal as water temperature went down so important to choose your peg well. 
Best bait on hook has been mussel, ANGEL 8mm pellet (on pellet waggler or banded) multiple maggots, worm tipped with caster, sweetcorn tipped with maggot, some success on cubes of luncheon meat, 
Feed angel pellets or use ground bait feeder with krill ground with dead maggots and caster mixed in,  mix hemp with soaked angel pellets, or feed chopped worm caster and maggots. Blackcurrants are ripe so mash some and mix with soaked pellet, works well, and fish scoop them up.
Sunday 6th Sept 2015  open Lookout  Ton up
Conditions:- cloudy and bright sunny  spells, ambient temp 15 deg, wind WNW 10 mph, barometer 1026 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp (coming up again) 14.8 deg. Ph 7.01, DO 8.3, mv-30
1st Andy Meadows 127lb 10oz peg 5 (went over 1 net)
2nd  Richard Wildman 53lb 7oz peg  13
3rd  Dave Pearson 52lb 9oz peg 1
Hetton Lyons
Sat 5th Sept 2015
Condtions:-  cold overnight rain, ambient temp 10 deg, wind NNW 11 mph, barometer 1023 , moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 13.6,  DO 6.9, PH 7.47, mv 30.5
Hetton lyons match lookout lake.
1st.. Ray Laing,,,, 44lb 12ozs peg 25
2nd..Dan Jones,,, 42lb 12ozs
3rd…Norman Laing,, 41lb 5ozs 
Wed Sept 2nd 2015 open Bowes Ton up
Conditions:  Light rain again, ambient temp 14 deg, wind NE 8 mph, barometer 997mb low, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 13.4 deg dropped, DO 7.85 , PH7.40, mv –38
1st John Foster 105lb 15oz, peg 40
2nd John Dryden 84lb 06oz peg 4
3rd Dave Pearson 80lb 8oz peg 24
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