Sunday 25th Sept 2011 open Lookout
Conditions: – Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind SSW 14 mph, barometer 1007.6mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 10.1 deg, Ph 7.76, DO 8.95, mv 45
1st Eddie Collins 40lb silvers peg 5 went over net
2nd Chris Owers 33lb 13oz peg 11
3rd Neil Brown 32lb 11oz peg 12
4th John Foster 31lb 03oz peg 9
5th Ricky Bennett 28lb peg 4
6th Dave Jackson 23lb 1oz peg 1
Sat 24th Sept 11 open Bowes
Conditions:- Cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, wind SSE7 mph, barometer 1007.8 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 10.9 deg, ph 7.55, DO 7.95, mv 40,
1st Alan Mc Guire 54lb 12oz peg 24 ALL SILVERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan and Silvers
2nd Ricky Bennet peg 4
3rd C Thompson peg 2
Wed 21st Sept open Bowes
Conditions:-  Rain and windy with gusts 22mph to 34 mph, ambient temp 13 deg, barometer 1004.5 mb,  moon phase waning crescent, water temp 10.8 deg, ph 7.65, DO 8.55, mv 31
1st Dave Pearson 49lb 10oz peg 4
2nd Rob Emmery 23lb 5oz peg 24,
3rd Derek Fox  15lb peg 16
4th Alan Mc Guire 14lb 15oz peg 2
5th Ricky Bennett 14lb 6oz peg 12
Rest DNW 
Some good catches if you follow watercraft and walk the lakes before choosing your peg, fish starting to shoal because of the water temperature drop to 10 deg,  don’t overfeed but keep a slow constant stream of bait going in as the fish are feeding up for a long winter and need the feed input to sustain them through the cold weather.
Carp feeding fantastic dusk and dawn and some excellent overnight catches by season ticket holders of double figered bream and large carp. Dennis   had a great day with 17 carp, crucians, ide, orfe, skimmers all on soft hookers,
Hook baits Pellet, Maggot, Worm, casters, working very well, paste and sweetcorn is OK mussel and prawn doing very very well, feed angel pellets, hemp, caster and chopped worm, or maggot for great results.