Some cracking Ide to over 3lb are being caught up in the water on Bowes and Lookout just keep the maggot going in to feed and maggot on the hook to get these, Linda from WACA caught a cracker at 3lb 7oz. .
Best carp out has been on Bowes a 23lb 1oz caught on angels pre drilled pellets in red halibut, caught on a hair rig and feed pellets and hemp in pva bags on peg 18.
John Foster caught a 2lb 3oz perch on Sunday match on Lookout peg 16aa, where the water temp has dropped to 9 deg after the frosts.  
Its back to autumn fishing use maggot, worm, pellet and paste, hemp, and ground bait  (except on Bassets) to get some good catches. You do need to use watercraft to choose your peg as the colder water temperatures have shoaled the fish up together, get on a shoal and great fishing to be had.
Sunday 23rd Sept 2012 open Lookout
Conditions, another heavy frost overnight, followed by overcast with some sunny spells, wind ESE 8 mph,  barometer 1013.9 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp dropped to 9.8 deg, DO 9.6, PH 8.11
1st Neil Brown 38lb 11oz peg 5
2nd Dalton Mulenger 12lb peg 15
3rd John Foster 11lb 6oz peg 16aa 
Frost has caused fish to back of feeding they were easily spotted up in the water but did not wont to feed.
Saturday 22nd Sept open BowesConditions – frost overnight, Partly cloudy and sunny spells, ambient temp 13 deg, wind ESE 3mph,  barometer 1023.3, moon phase first quarter, Water temp dropped to 10.1 deg,  ph 8.11, DO 9.81st Lee Slater 94lb 8oz peg 22nd Jonny Trainor 83lb 6oz peg 343rd Ben Huggins 37lb 13oz peg 244th Gordie Atkins 37lb 11oz peg 125th Alan Mc Guire 32lb 5oz peg 366th Ray Wallace 32lb 3oz peg 26
Wed 19th Sept 12 open Bowes Conditions, sunny, then heavy rain, ambient temp 13 deg, cold overnight 3 deg, wind W 5 mph,  barometer 1016.9 mb,  moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 11.8 deg, DO 8.1, PH 7.91
1st D Gardner 85lb4oz peg 2 inc gp
2nd Richard Wildman 82lb 12oz peg 24
3rd  Mark Wilson 53lb 14oz peg 40
4th  John Dryden 36lb 12osz peg 4
5th Derek Fox 31lb 8oz peg 22rest dnw,