Sunday 2nd Sept 2012 open LookoutConditions:- mostly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind W 10 mph, barometer 1019.3 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 14.7 deg, PH 7.04, DO 8.1
!st Peter Cairns 84lb 06oz peg 5
2nd Alan Mc Guire 59lb 12oz peg 13
3rd Neil Brown 58lb 05oz peg 15
4th John Dryden 45lb 12oz peg 32
5th Stve Mc Court 36lb 06oz peg 1
6th Dave Pearson 36lb 5oz peg 24
Saturday 1st Sept  2012 open Bowes Conditions,  Mostly Cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind WSW 8 mph, barometer 1021.3 mb, moon phase Full, water temp rose to 14.5 deg, DO 6.7 , PH 7.91
1st Richard Wildman 94lb 11oz peg 4
2nd Colin Pine 64lb 2oz peg 23
3rd Tommy Marshall 49lb 3oz peg 24
4th Kim Christie 41lb 7oz peg 1
5th Norman Laing 39lb 11oz peg 3
6th Steve Moles 32lb peg 26
Wed 29th Aug 2012 open Bowes TON UPConditions: – light rain, ambient temp 15 deg, wind SW11 mph, barometer 1005.1 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 15.1 deg, DO 7.96, PH 7.45
1st John Foster 113lb 13oz peg 40 TON UP
2nd Dave Pearson 99lb 11oz peg 2
3rd Martin Lewins 65lb 4oz peg 22
4th Tommy Cullerton 59lb 9oz peg 12
5th Rob Emmery 53lb peg 4
6th Chris Pine 49lb 6oz peg 24 
Friday produced a Frost of 2 deg at 5 am and white out everywhere, with the lakes steaming like mad made a very beautiful  picture, it however dropped the water temperature to 13 deg, unheard of in August.Some cracking fishing with another ton up by John Foster on Wed,   Fridays frost made Fridays fishing hard work but this soon changed for Sat with fish feeding again as water warmed up and almost a ton out on the match on Sat