As soon as 4pm came wow fish a chuck is being caught and if you are in from opening fish a chuck then  you have to work hard to catch fish till the eve again.
Wind direction has proved to be make or break fishing this week, when the wind swings to the East the fishing became hard, Saturdays match was won with 55lb in a east win and John Foster had 87lb 14oz on a North wind.
Ben Higgins fromStanhope had 5 good bream out on Bowes best 11lb 4oz together with mixed silvers and nine carp on a half day session.
Bassetts is producing some good carp and anglers are also getting some cracking silvers, young anglers on Sunday Reece Emms 14 yrs old, Graham Simpson 14yrs old and biggest fish caught by Bruce Wilson 11yrs old all from Sunderland had a cracking session learing to fish.
Lookout has shown that the fish are starting to shoal together get on a shoal and fishing is great you do need to walk the banks before fishing to determing which peg to fish on, Jon Ainsley from Gateshead caught over 100 fish in an afternoon session with carp coming on to feed at 4pm and ton up John Foster did well on paste on Sunday with 103lb 10oz 
Best baits as water temperature drops is maggot, worm, caster, paste made out of angel 3mm or micro pellets, and pellet on the hook, sweetcorn on the hook, and later in the day luncheon meat on the hook, but you must put loads of feed in to get good catches .

Sunday 29th Sept 2013 open Lookout  ton up
Conditions: partly cloudy, ambient temp 15 deg, with cold ENE 15mph wind, barometer 1012.9 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 13.7, PH 7.75, DO6.99
1st John Foster 103lb 10oz peg 15
2nd Alan Mc Guire 52lb peg 16aa
3rd Peter Cairns 38lb 15oz peg 5 
4th Chris Pine 28lb peg 9
5th Gordie Atkin 26lb 5oz peg 1 
6th   John Dryden 25lb 5oz peg 25

Sat 26th Sept 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions:- sunny, ambient temp 14,  wind ESE9 mph, barometer 1012.9mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 13.8 deg, PH7,65, DO 5.28
1st Chris Pine 55lb 3oz peg 5
2nd Ben Huggins 36lb 6oz peg 3
3rd Kim Christie 24lb 4oz peg 34
rest dnw

Wed 25th Sept 2013 open Bowes
Conditions:- fog at start, wet drizzly day horrible,  ambient temp 13 deg, wind N 5mph, barometer 1018.9, Moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 13.2, DO 7.95, ph 7.55
1st John Foster 87lb 14oz peg 40 went over net 
2nd Richard Wildman 58lb 07oz peg 2
3rd Mark Wilson 54lb 13oz peg 34
4th Alan Mc Guire 45lb 13lb Peg 4 
5th Derek Fox 39lb 3oz peg 24 
6th Rob Emery 34lb 15oz peg 16