Weather this week has ranged from frost, rain and winds to sunny lets hope summer comes soon, as fish very hungry and feeding up for getting ready to spawn, so some cracking catches with quality of size of fish depending on peg , and size of bait used, angel pellet, maggot, chopped worm caster all doing very well with catch rates and try mussel or prawn , if soaking angel micros or 3mm pellets to make a paste add a banana mushed up in a portion of paste and also try some chopped up maggot in a portion both doing well in paste mix.

Cracking group of anglers booked a 3 day festival Thursday to Saturday their first time in the North East fishing well done to them all 

Sunday 17th May 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- Partly Clouby, ambient temp 13 deg, wind W21 mph with gusts, barometer 1019mb, water temp 9. deg, PH7.40, DO 8.2, mv –42

1st Alan Mc Guire 62lb 9oz peg 5

2nd Lee Slater 49lb 1oz peg 38

3rd Graham Skerry 44lb 13oz peg 15

Wed 13th May 2015 open Bowes

Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 11 deg, wind E9 mph, moon phase waning gibbous,  barometer 1019mb, PH 7.45 , mv –45

1st Chris Pine 72lb 06oz peg 1

2nd John Foster 54lb peg 24

3rd geordie Aitkin 47lb 5oz peg 34