Best fishing ever for lots of pleasure anglers catching on all lakes, lots of customers catching exceptionally well in all species.

Brian and Luke came up from midlands and both had the best catches they ever have had in their lives with smiles a mile wide great stuff, Brian caught 37 carp to 8 lb and 13 Ide and various silvers whilst Luke caught 31 carp 12 Ide and lots of tench all on Bowes.

Jon Kennedy from South Shields Law top area caught steady all day with his best a common of 25lb 1oz caught on large cube of luncheon meat over angel pellets, his pal Stev Whitely also caught all day but targeted bream and his best bream was a male covered in spawning tubicles of 10lb 9oz

Bassetts has fished solid all week with every species being caught best Orfe 3lb 1oz and best carp 3lb 4oz both caught by 10 yr old Emma Moore on a day fishing with her dad who she beat by a mile well done Emma

Wed 14th May 2014 open Bowes day

Conditions: partly cloudy,  ambient temp 18 deg, wind ESE 8 mph, barometer 1031.2 mb, moon phase full, water temp 10.1 deg, PH 7.55, DO 8.95, mv –45

1st Rob Emery 61lb 6oz peg 3

2nd Graham Skirrey 57lb 6oz peg 34

3rd John Dryden 32lb 01lb peg 24

Wed 14th May 2014 open Bowes  eve

Conditions: partly cloudy, drizzle,   ambient temp 11 deg, wind ESE 8 mph, barometer 1031.2 mb, moon phase full, water temp 10.1 deg, PH 7.55, DO 8.95, mv –45

1st Jon Dodge 77lb 7oz peg 40 over 1 net

2nd Peter Wilson  70lb 10oz peg 34

3rd Chris Watson 60lb 11oz peg 18

4th Graham Skirrey 50lb 14oz peg 3

5th Anthony Jeff 37lb 10oz peg 16

6th John Dryden 27lb 10oz peg 22

Saturday 17th May 2014 open Bowes

Conditions:- sunny then overcast, ambient temp 20 deg, wind S 6 mph then turned to SSW 17 gusts to 23 mph,  Barometer 1017.3 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 13.1deg, PH 7.66, DO 6.7 , mv –74

1st Rob Emery 68lb 12oz peg 40

2nd Graham Skirrey 49lb 01oz peg 34

3rd George Atkin 47lb 05oz peg 23

4th Mark Wilson 46lb 2oz peg 3

Sunday 18th May 2014 open Lookout

Conditions:- Sunny , ambient temp 20 deg, wind SSW 6mph swung to SSE 18mph, , barometer 1011.2 mb, moon phase waning cresent, water temp 13.7 deg, PH 8.21, DO 7.9, mv –109

1st Dave Herbert 53lb 14oz peg 5

2nd Ian Lumb 50lb 8oz peg 42

3rd Derek Fox 43lb 14oz peg 38

4th Chris Gowling 41lb 3oz peg 21

5th Martin Craig 38lb 15oz peg 11

6th Rob Rundle 38lb 13oz peg 25