Outstanding fishing this week as water temperatures reached 20 deg, Bowes had record weights of 203lb 5oz in 3 hours on Friday Eve match, whilst Lookout and Bassetts has had fish a chuck for anglers all having great fishing.
Sunday 28th May 2017 open Lookout
Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, wind W 14 mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 19 deg, DO 7.55, PH 7.35, mv –40
1st Ethan Bradley 107lb 8oz peg 5
2nd Jonny Maddison 99lb 13oz peg peg 11
3rd Paul Jackson 96lb 15oz peg 25
4th Dave Pearson 82lb 6oz peg 42
Saturday 27th May 2017 Bowes open Ton up short match finished early with thunder amd lightening and DO levels with heat and muggy weather better safe than sorry
Sunny ambient temp 20 deg, wind 4 mph, barometer 1013mb water temp 21 deg, do 5.95, ph 7.25
1st Eathan Bradley 134lb 02oz peg 16
2nd Forest Grump 78lb 10oz 24
3rd Craig Crompton 71lb 4oz peg 3
WOW WOW 3 hour eve match Friday 26th May 2017 = 203lb, 196lb, 147lb, 128lb, 102lb, top 5 Wow Bowes
sunny, 25 deg, water temp 20deg , ph 7.25, DO 6..85,
1st Ethan Bradley 203lb 5oz peg 16 well done Ethan
2nd Forest grump 196lb 7oz peg 4
3rd John Nelson 147lb 3oz peg 6
4th Chris Owers 128lb 15oz peg 22
5th Dalton Mullenger 102lb 3oz peg 26
6th Shane Doyle 77lb 5oz peg 2
Wed 24th May 2017 open Bowes kept peg 40 out of match)
Sunny ambient temp 22 deg, wind W 9 mph, barometer 1024 mb, water temp 14.6 deg, DO 7.5 PH 7.45, mv 28
1st Rob Emery 109lb peg 24
2nd John Jamison 78lb 5oz peg 4
3rd Alan Mc Guire 76lb 8oz peg 22
Match on Wednesday, Friday Eve, Sunday