Angel of the North Fishing Lakes to Dec 28th 08

Saturday 27th Dec 08 Pairs Match Lookout & Bowes

Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 2 deg (frost overnight but cleared early), humidity 87% Damp, wind calm (to calm need a bit of a ripple),  barometer 1041mb (very high! optimum is 1012 to 1022 for coarse angling), Moon Phase New, water temp 3.7 to 3.9 deg, PH 7.52 -56,DO 15.1 conductivity -51.

1st Pair    55lb 10oz pegs 3   best bag Carp Marc Carlin 48lb 13oz Bowes maggot on bomb

2nd Pair   50lb 4oz pegs 24 best bag Carp 43lb 9oz Rickie Bennett Bowes maggot on bomb

3rd Pair   44lb 13oz pegs 16  best bag Carp John Foster 35lb 15 Lookout Maggot on bomb
Sunday 28th Dec 08 Open Lookout

Mostly Cloudy, rain showers,  ambient temp 4 deg, humidity 70%, barometer 1034.5 high, wind calm ,  moon phase New, water temp 3.7 to 3.8, DO 15.5, PH 7.54, conductivity -45.

1st Tommy Marshal 23lb 3oz peg 16aa
2nd John Foster 14lb peg 1
3rd Liam Shilling 13lb 14oz peg 2
4th Gavin Martin 12lb 5oz peg 13
5th Ray Wallace 10lb 15 peg 14
6th Dave Hodgson 9lb 5oz peg 7

Maggot on hook & maggot feeder, hardly any silvers showed in today match a tough days fishing

Bassetts mixed coarse

Some excellent quantities of fish out since the new stocking, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Carp, Crucians, tench and Koi all have been caught, some happy people trying out new Christmas presents from rods to poles.
Maggot working the best followed by sweetcorn and worm & casters, pellet working now and then. 

Bowes mixed coarse

Some good bags of carp best being 48lb 13oz  and 43lb 9oz in the Saturday match, Fish are well shoaled up so choice of pegs is critical to get good catches.
Maggot working the best followed by sweetcorn and worm & casters, pellet working now and then. 

Lookout mixed coarse

Ide, Roach, Rudd, Crucians, Perch, skimmers, bream, tench, koi, carp, all catching on maggot, with sweetcorn, worm, caster then pellet doing some catches. Best bag out this week was John Foster with 35lb 15oz.

Using the bomb has proved most successful, lack of any ripples on the water surface and flat calm conditions together with a very high barometer has not aided fishing this week.