A week of  great catch rates its as if the fish know cooler weather is coming and are feeding up well to put weight on to last through the winter,  some cracking individual size fish coming out as well as great weights still in matches, we had our first frost and a big drop in water temperature however fish are still feeding well and good numbers being caught. 

Paste made out of Angels 3mm pellets on the hook  and fed 6mm is bringing in some cracking weights, worm and caster also doing very well, maggot and caster for silvers, still warmer water in margins so keep a margin swim fed as well as 10meter and one to island or back bank and good numbers of fish will be caught. 
Jon Travers from Birmingham working in the north east took 4 twenty pound carp one mirron the rest commons on double 10mm covered in paste from peg 37 on Bowes he happily went home with a big grin.  Young Cris wilson 6 yrs old from South Shields fishing with his dad on Bassets peg 7  had 46 fish in 4 hours and is hooked on fishing well even earned a pressy as he had a 5 lb carp and landed it himself. Ton ups in match also.
Lookout has had a great week also with the island and peg 32 doing very well pleasure anglers bagging up and ton ups in match  

Sunday 8th Sept 2013 open Lookout Ton Up  
Conditions:- overnight frost, partly cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, barometer 1013.9 wind S 10 mph, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp dropped 13.1 deg, DO 6.95 ph 7.55 

1st Neil Brown 111lb 01oz peg 3 paste and pellet 
2nd John Dryden 102lb 8oz peg 11 paste 
3rd Alan Mc Guire 74lb 4oz peg 16aa
4th John Foster 54lb 4oz peg 25
5th Ray Wallace 45lb 07oz peg 5 
6th Martin Craig 30lb 6oz peg 13

Sat 7th Sept 2013 open Bowes
Condtions: cool and  torrential rain previous 24 hours put 5 inches of water in lakes, however today ended up overcast, ambient temp 13 deg, wind SSW13 mph, barometer 1010.2 mb, water temp dropped 15.1 deg, PH 7.45, DO 5.01 
1st Carl Redhead 62lb 9oz peg 3
2nd Chris Pine 62lb peg 40
3rd Richard Wildman 53lb 10oz peg 34
4th Ben Huggins 42lb 4oz peg 24

Wed 4th Sept 2013 open Bowes Ton Up
Conditions:- cold overnight 6 deg, with fog, then overcast with sunny spells, ambient temp 25 deg, wind SSW 11mph, barometer 1020.3mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 5.24, water temp 15.2 deg, ph 7.55 
1st Derek Fox 130lb 7oz peg 3 paste 
2nd Rob Emery 95lb 05 peg 40
3rd Mark Wilson 94lb 1oz peg 1
4th Neil Brown 65lb 01 peg 26
5th John Dryden 59lb 4oz peg24
6th Ricky Bennett 33lb 15oz peg 34