A MAN out fishing with his son and a friend made a gruesome discovery in the waters of the Atlantic – a human head.
Paul Trabulsy found the dismembered body part about 22 miles east of
Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida in the USA
The men used a gaff to fish the head out of the water and placed it in a garbage bag. Then they kept right on fishing!
We didn’t want to come in right away, so we just put it in a bag in a bucket. It’d been out there a while. What’s a couple of hours? Trabulsy said.
The men docked and reported their discovery to the authorities about five hours later. Federal and local authorities are investigating the origin of other human remains and a body found miles apart in the waters off
Florida‘s east coast, officials said. The body was found in the waters off Cape Canaveral
Medical examiners in Brevard and Martin counties took possession of the remains in an effort to identify them. It has been determined that the remains of one of the dead belonged to a female, possible a migrant from