FISHING in out-of-bounds areas is explored in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, along with a close look at new rod licences – and much more!

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  • ·       Massive river zander, chub and pike
  • ·       Andy Little guests in our admired new Carp Crew section
  • ·       The Specialists meets a home-made baits guru
  • ·       On The Bank with waggler expert Jim Baxter
  • ·       Steve Collett learns new barbel fishing tricks
  • ·       Lure Attacks gets to grips with plugs
  • ·       John Bailey has an extra large challenge!
  • ·       Venue Expert explains a river that’s reborn
  • ·       Match Squad with Darren Cox and Lee Kerry
  • ·       Match News reveals full 2016 river festivals checklist
  • ·       New Gear includes a special look at Shimano & Dynamite


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AND the Mail’s brilliant big Where To Fish guide for the week ahead, compiled by regional respected experts.

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