ANGLER’S MAIL MAGAZINE – the original and best weekly magazine for anglers – is back with a barnstorming issue full of exclusive content.


On the cover, and inside the magazine, you’ll find Chris Yates, former carp record holder and star of TV’s A Passion For Angling. Chris joins AM’s Specialists series to share with you a masterclass in watercraft to improve your catches.


Angler’s Mail magazine pays tribute to massively popular matchman turned all-rounder Jan Porter, who has sadly died.


Other news includes how TV’s Jeremy Wade saved a man during the filming of his new series, plus a new British 60 lb carp from a wonder water… and lots more.


AM’s match fishing coverage includes a look at how Leicester, sporting city of the moment, ranks for fishing….with insight from Barry Lineker (dad of Gary) amongst others!


Angler’s Mail magazine also includes this week:

  • Carp Crew with a guest appearance by the triple UK champ
  • Lure Attacks gets fully to grips with spinners
  • Steve Collett’s on a mission to catch big crucians
  • Secret Lives of Fish with Dr Ian Welch
  • John Bailey applies finesse to boost his and others’ catches


PLUS the best Where To Fish This Week section (by genuine local experts).




Be sure to get this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine in good newsagents and supermarkets – and also via subscription at