Official Anglers Say Response:

Angler’s say has come under several attacks since its launch late November
this year. All have been unsuccessful.
The situation that came about today was not due to a security issue at
Anglers Say side but an attack on our hosts servers, a roaming hackers
script which randomly seeks root level access to Linux servers, then runs a
complex password and username script, and when it does gain access it leaves
a signature page on all index files within every domain on that server.
(nothing else)
The script accessed several websites within the affected server such as and several more.
Security on the server couldn’t of been any more tighter with passwords been
computer generated and changed on a regular basis by our hosts.
We wish to confirm this is the sole reason why we do not use online
databases to store data and do all membership filing offline by hand.
Anglers Say is a front line website fighting a cause that upsets other
minority user groups such as anti anglers, animal rights activists etc. and
such a scenario was considered when developing Anglers Say and an offline
database was decided to keep our members details safe from those who might
otherwise do wrong with them.

Its just been one of those things that cant be helped, but at least we can
say honestly that no information was at risk.

To answer an earlier post in this thread, the password to the members area
are deliberately made easy for members to remember, as the information they
can access is low risk, members cannot even access your own membership
details so security on those passwords are low.

Anglers Say Support

Business as usual on Anglers Say with a new poll starting after Xmas.