Pitsford Brown trout record smashed

Bob Collins lands massive Brown of 15lb 8oz from Pitsford bank – awaiting pictures

• Spotlight on Rutland Water for the Anglian Water Airflo InternationalFull story and results next week

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Rutland WaterFish 558 (season 37,794) Returns 148(7,240) Rod average 3.77 (5.22)Top anglers from across Europe are fishing at Rutland Water this week in the final of the Anglian Water Airflo International. This prestigious two day match concludes on Wednesday 4 October.  Full results in next week’s Fishery News. Anglers practicing for the big match have found pockets of fish spread across the middle of the reservoir with fighting fit Rainbows and some big Browns estimated between 6-9lb. These fish have been caught nearer the shoreline.
A few bank anglers have fished and these have found fish coming up to suspender/floating fry and minkie patterns, with diawl bach/cruncher (ptn) nymphs also working. There are masses of fry showing in many areas. Watch out for bird movement and be prepared to move.
Rutland Water will be hosting the popular late season Autumn Pairs match this coming Saturday, 7 October. The match is open to all and will be fished 9.30-5.30. There are two categories – rudder and non rudder (ie drifting or anchored boats). The limit will be 16 fish per boat and includes two Brown trout. There is no time bonus and no catch and release.
Best boat areas Open water sailing club all the way through to the main basin. Bigger fish are closer to the bank.
Best bank areas Normanton to Fantasy Island Peninsula.
Mid week boat winner M Skipper of Oakham
Fish stocked 2,000.
Forthcoming eventsPredator fishing at Rutland Water – Pike, Zander and Perch onlyPredator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018Lure and dead sea bait 6 October 2017 to 31 January 2018
Beginners courses  8,15 (Pike), 21 & 28 October.
Anglian Water Airflo International Final 2-4 October (all boats booked).Anglian Water Autumn Pairs Rudder & non Rudder 7 OctoberFry Feeders Match 22 OctoberGeorge Moore Memorial Trophy (Rudder) 28 OctoberRutland Fur & Feather (bank) 3 December

Grafham Water
Fish 344 (season 18,609)
Returns 75(3,065)
Rod average 4.6(6.1)

Grafham Water is fishing well with a rod average of 4.6 which is set to rise with the fish feeding on shrimp. There have been a good number of Browns caught on both the bank and from boats. The best Brown of the week was caught by Dave Newens from the bank and weighed 4lb 15oz.
Mr Rogers had a 3lb 6oz Rainbow, with the best Rainbow of the week falling to Mr Bassett with a fish of 3lb 8oz. Phil Jordan had a good week catching 20 fish, five of which were Browns. Mr Hudson took 30 fish this week. Gareth Pearson fished twice this week and both times he and his boat partner did well, bagging up and catching 7 fish. Mr Bradbeer had 12 fish to the boat and Mr Korkiczy also had double figures.
Boat anglers are taking a lot of fish from the Eastern side of the reservoir. The Dam and G Buoy are still the place to be, but in at the margins of the north shore would be a good bet now that the algae is clearing. The lagoons bank is also a good place to try and is consistently producing good numbers of fish. Try fry pattern lures (minkies and zonkers) or the usual nymphs – hares ear, diawl bachs, crunchers and shrimp patterns. Alternatively you could try a fast retrieve with a tube as a sure fire way to bag up.
For bank anglers the dam is fishing well with good numbers of fish being taken. Shrimp patterns and diawl bachs on a floating line with a slow retrieve or near static are advised with the fish in the margins. Grafham ranger Pat Patel caught a lovely 4lb plus Brownie on this set up at the Dam.
The algae that has been a nuisance along the bank is shifting so more areas on the north shore will be accessible. This is great news with the fry and shrimp in at the margins.
The police had a match at Grafham this week with 19 anglers catching 39 fish for a rod average of 2.1. Paddy O’Grady took the best fish – a 3lb 4oz Brown.
Coming soon – A new competition – the Grafham Shrimp Masters.A winter league to be fished from the bank across five dates with your three best results submitted. The six fish limit no catch and release match will be fished between 9am and 3pm with prizes for the best bag on the day and of course the top three and best fish of the league. Further information can be obtained from Grafham Fishing Lodge with no booking necessary.Dates (all are Sundays) are as follows12 November; 10 December, 17 December 201714 January , 28 January 2018
Best Rainbow 3lb 8oz taken by Mr Bassett.
Best Brown 4lb 15oz taken by Dave Newens.

Best boat areas Rainbow Point, the Dam, open water drifting, particularly west side of reservoir (M Buoy), the Seat, in front of harbour, west bank and Hill Farm.
Best bank areas The Seat, south shore, south dam, pylon, harbour arms, sludge bank, Perry Point and Deep Water Point.
Mid week boat winner Gareth Pearson of Thorpe Willoughby, North Yorkshire.
Fish stocked 2,000.
Forthcoming eventsPredator fishing at Grafham WaterPredator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018Lure & dead sea bait 1 October 2017 to 31 January 2018
Beginners courses  6 (Pike), 14,  29 (Pike) October B C Hall 5 OctoberAMFC 7 OctoberFry Feeders Match 22 OctoberGrafham Shrimp Masters Bank League starts 12 NovemberGrafham Fur & Feather (bank) 26 November


Pitsford Water
Fish 297(season 10,323)
Returns 61(2,255)
Rod average 4.9 (4.6)

Pitsford’s long standing Brown trout record has been smashed this week with a stunning fish of 15lb 8oz. This reflects some outstanding sport and a rod average of 4.9 for the week with lots of quality fish caught.
Bob Collins now holds the Brown trout record. Bob is a season ticket holder who has fished Pitsford Water since the early 1970’s. Bank fishing with a size 12 Dunkeld (ironically at ‘no fish point’) Bob hooked the fish of a lifetime. Bob says the fly had just landed on the surface when it was engulfed and a mammoth struggle ensued. He thought the fish was around the 10lb mark, but once on the scales the true weight was confirmed at 15lb 8oz, witnessed by fishery ranger Simon Farmer. This truly stunning fish has flourished at Pitsford and would have been stocked at no more than 2lb. Pitsford records run in the Collins family – back in 1976 Bob’s brother John held Pitsford’s Brown record with a fish of 6lb 10oz. In Bob’s words “It’s only taken me 41 years to beat it!”  In another twist of fate, Rob Layton who held the current  record for a Brown caught on the fly since 2002, was actually out on the water on the day that his record was beaten.
The fishing has continued to excel with floating and midge tip lines, with teams of nymphs being the best method. Bank anglers are finding fish around the margins feeding hard on shrimp, snail, corixa and fry. Other impressive catches during the week include a 6lb Brown for Les Watson which was returned. John Pearson returned a 3lb 8oz Brown. Rob Layton took an eight fish bag with 6 of his fish being between 3-4lb.The best areas for boat or bank are the Narrows, Pines and Cliffs.
Best Brown 15lb 8oz – new record – taken by Bob Collins.
Mid week boat winner David Nash of Kettering.
Fish stocked 2,000.
Forthcoming eventsPredator fishing at Pitsford WaterPredator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018Lure fishing to 31 January 2018Lure & dead sea bait 6 October 2017 – 31 January 2018
Beginners courses  7 & 22 October.Pitsford Fur & Feather (boat) 11 November


Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish 198 (season 9,639)
Returns 51 (1,794)
Rod average 3.8 (5.3)

Anglers have enjoyed good sport at Ravensthorpe this week. The fish are up in the water, with most being taken on small dries. Small hoppers, cdc’s, small daddies with black or claret are the best colours. Small nymphs and diawl bachs have also been working.
Andy Biriett had a good day from a boat on Tuesday, taking 24 fish on small dries and nymphs. Mark Bradbury took 9 fish on small black dries as well on Tuesday. Anglers have also been catching from the bank with the dam being the best place to try. Floating line with small dries, nymphs or diawl bachs are working.
Best Rainbow 3lb
Best boat areas Main bowl.
Best bank areas Dam
Best methods See report.
Mid week boat winner John Smith of Daventry.
Predator fishing at RavensthorpePredator fishing on the fly to 30 November 2017Lure & dead sea bait 1 October 2017 to 30 November 2017
Forthcoming eventsRavensthorpe Fur & Feather (boat) 5 NovemberFollowed by meal at The Chequers. Please call the fishing lodge on 01604 770875 to book a place.