Picture: Natalie Hanson shows off the best fish of the week from Rutland Water. The Northborough angler caught this lovely 7lb 10½oz brown trout on the third cast of the day with a new rod and reel purchased from Rutland Tackle Shop. 

Rutland Water
Fish week 1,053(season 15,579) Returns 310 (3,243) Rod average 3.39 (4.8)

The best Brown of the week weighed in at 7lb 10½oz and was taken by Natalie Hanson.  Natalie, of Northborough, Peterborough, was fishing with her partner Russell Robertson.  They had just bought a Greys rod and reel combo (GR50 9’6”#7 and GX500 reel) from the tackle shop. Natalie took this fine specimen on her third cast of the day on a Crackton nymph on a floating line from the Gibbets Gorse area.   

There were a number of good sized Browns taken this week including one of 7lb 8oz taken from Manton Bay by Keith Jones.  Rutland Warden Andy Ainscough took three fine Browns for 16lb; these weighed 6lb, 5½lb and 4½lb.  Andy was boat fishing in Hideaway Bay with crunchers on a floating line.

Craig Barr and Stephen McClean had a day to remember with eight overwintered Browns and Rainbows last Wednesday with fish estimated at 4lb plus through to a Brown of 7lb plus.  The pair boat fished the South Arm using floating lines teamed up with size ten and 14 crunchers.  Weather conditions were far from ideal with constant rain throughout the day, and a very cool northerly wind. 

At this time of year boat demand is very high, particularly Thursday to Monday inclusive, so please book your boats well in advance.

 Competition news

The recent Troutmasters ‘fish off’ was won by Gary Cooper.  Gary managed eight fish that weighed in at 20lb 14¼oz and will represent Rutland at Grafham Water in the Troutmasters final on Saturday 15 September.


England Qualifier ‘Odds & Sods’ 1 June www.fmfa.org.uk

24 anglers fished this match taking 116 fish for a rod average of 4.83.  Chris Bobby was top rod with 8 fish for 22lb 10½lb including time bonus.  Paul Wild took the best fish at 6lb 13¼oz.

The top 6 anglers were:

          1st      Chris Bobby                    8 fish for 22lb 10½oz
          2nd     Paul Wild                        6 fish for 20lb 11oz

          3rd      Julian Hubbard                8 fish for 20lb 9oz

          4th      Geoff Makin                    7 fish for 19lb 3¾oz

          5th      Mark Mcleod                             8 fish for 18lb 7½oz

          6th      Mark Haycock                 8 fish for 18lb 5¾oz


Tuesday Night Boat League – Week 4

Last year’s league winner, Richard Cooper, found some form again and bagged up to win Week four.  A good number of the fish were recent stock fish caught from Half Moon Spinney and Church Bay.  Keith Jones took the long journey up the North Arm and was rewarded with second place on the night with a superb brace of fish weighing in at 9lb 9oz with a 5lb 2oz Brown and a 4lb Rainbow.

          1st      Richard Cooper               8 fish for 14lb 4oz

          2nd     Keith Jones                     2 fish for 9lb 9oz

          3rd      Gary Cooper                    5 fish for 9lb 5oz


Tuesday Night Boat League placings to date

1st      Mick Bennett                            21 points

2nd     Keith Jones (Wittering)   20 points

3rd      Richard Cooper               17 points


Best Rainbow                  Several around 4-5lb.

Best Brown                     7lb 10½oz taken by Natalie Hanson of


Best boat areas               Bottom of both Arms, Manton Bay, Hideaway

                                     Bay, Old Hall, Sykes frontage, Normanton


Best bank areas              Old Hall, North Arm, Three Trees, Half Moon Spinney, Normanton blue pipes, Church Bay

Best methods                  Nymphs, crunchers, diawl bach, floating or

                                     midge tip lines.

Mid week boat winner     M Stowe of Starcross, Devon.

Fish stocked                   2,000.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses: 5,14,11,21 & 26 June;6,13 & 27 July and other dates throughout the season.

Tuesday Night Boat League This year’s boat league runs through to the 15 August – a total of 15 weeks.  Anglers meet at the Fishing Lodge between 5.15 and 5.45 p.m. with the draw for boat partners taking place at approx. 5.55pm.  The match starts at 6pm.

Anglian Water Rudder match 7 June

Scierra Pairs 8 June www.scierrapairs.co.uk

Floating line match 14 June

EDFA 2 July contact Jim Watts 01780 753803
Anglian Water Rudder match 12 July

RWFF Youth Flyfishing Day 13 July www.rutlandwaterflyfishers.co.uk


Grafham Water

Fish week 669 (season 14,657) Returns 165 (2,287) Rod average 4.0 (6.4)

Grafham Water has continued to fish well for both bank and boat anglers with a healthy rod average of 4.0.  Bank anglers had a great week’s sport with most areas around the bank producing good consistent catch rates.  The main method for bank anglers is to fish floating lines with a combination of small nymphs (diawl bachs, crunchers, olive buzzers, gold ribbed hares ear and pheasant tails).  The most consistent bank areas have been Marlow Stones, G Buoy, Willows, North Dam, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Gaynes Cove and Mander Car Park frontage.

Boat anglers have had good sport finding fish in most areas – especially G Buoy, Willows, North Dam, Deep Water Point, Hedge End, Hill Farm, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Bank and Valley Creek.  The middle of the reservoir is also producing good catches.  The main methods for boat anglers have been to fish floating or sink tip lines with olive buzzers, diawl bachs, crunchers, pheasant tails and damsel nymphs fished slowly or Di5 lines with orange or tequila blobs, Cat or Viva Booby and Diawl Bachs fished at a medium paced retrieve.

 Competition news

Thursday Night Boat League

Week 5 of the Thursday Night Boat League was fished by four anglers, catching 7 trout.  Top rod on the evening was Ian Donaldson from St Ives.  Ian caught four fish from Hedge End and Deep Water Point and G Buoy.  He fished a midge tip line with a team of Diawl Bachs and crunchers.
It would be great to see some more anglers on a Thursday Evening – so give it a go – if you would like to find out more call the lodge on 01480 810531.

Best Rainbow                  4lb 7oz taken by Martin Brocklebank.

Best Brown                     3lb.

Best boat areas               Hedge End, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Gaynes

                                     Cove, Sludge Bank, Valley Creek, Willows, Hill  

                                     Farm, North Dam, Middle.

Best bank areas              Gaynes Cove, Hill Farm, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Marlow Stones, Willows, North Dam, Mander Car Park frontage.

Best methods                  See report.

Mid week boat winner     Malcolm Reece.

Fish stocked                   2,000.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses: 7,19,22 & 28 June;12,18,20 & 24 July and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Heat 21 June 01780 686441
England Qualifier ‘Odds & Sods’ 29 June www.fmffa.org.uk

Pitsford Water
Fish week 552 (season 6,390) Returns 143 (1,362) Rod average 3.8 (4.6)

In spite of the variable weather conditions this week Pitsford has maintained a healthy rod average of 3.8.  Both bank and boat anglers have enjoyed sport in equal measure from all areas of the water.

There are now a large number of damsel nymphs in the margins and the fish have really turned on to this food source, along with the plentiful supply of buzzers, particularly the olive variety.

Anglers were reporting the first signs of Sedges skittering across the surface in overcast conditions and silver invictas have been accounting for good evening catches.  One angler reported taking five fish in six casts with the invictas.

The Tuesday Evening Boat league (week three) was won by Pete Webb, who had four fish on buzzers.  He now leads the standings with Charlie Watts a close second and Mick Hawkins in third.  All are welcome to come and have a pleasant evening’s fishing.

Pike anglers are talking about plenty of fish coming to lures, giving some good sport.  Nothing of any notable size has been reported but plenty of fish up to 16lb.

The best methods for boat or bank is floating lines and buzzers, damsels and diawl bachs.

Best Rainbow                  4lb taken by Jim Walker.

Best Brown                     4lb 8oz taken by Rick Barlow.

Best boat areas               No Fish Point, Bog Bay, Causeway.

Best bank areas              Bog Bay, Stilton Point, Duffers.

Best methods                  Bank – Floating lines, buzzers & diawl bachs.

                                     Boat – As for bank.

Mid week boat winner     Ian Ashwell of Daventry. 

Fish stocked                             2,000.

Forthcoming events
Tuesday Night Boat League
at Pitsford Water.  Fishing will be from 6pm with a weekly prize for a free boat and the overall winner of the league receiving tackle vouchers.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses: 8 & 20 June; 5,9,19 & 26 July and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 7 June 01780 686441
Scierra Pairs 29 June www.scierrapairs.co.uk


Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish week 554 (season 8,298) Returns 94 (1,043) Rod average 5.8(7.9)
Another week of fantastic sport at Ravensthorpe with many larger fish being caught and released up to 10lb.


Floating lines with red or green diawl bachs or buzzers have been the best method from boat or bank.  Damsel nymphs or PTN’s are also worth trying. A few fish are being taken on dries and wets when conditions are right.  Mike Frith and John Hensham had a fantastic day on Monday.  The pair took 35 fish to the boat, including fish of 10lb, 9lb and two at 5lb, all taken on red diawl bachs.

Herts Fly Fishers enjoyed a good day on Saturday trying out their home tied flies.  These proved very effective with fish taken up to 10lb.

The bank has also been fishing well with some nice fish being taken from the Platforms and Dam.

Best Rainbow                  10lb Returned by Mike Frith.

Best boat areas               All areas.

Best bank areas              Platforms 3,4,5,11 and 12.

Best methods                  Floating line, red or green diawl bachs or

Mid week boat winner     Richard Leonard of Hertfordshire.