• 400 pages in total with 368 pages printed in a classy brown/sepia font on quality cream paper

• Numerous photographs throughout in sepia

• A 32 page section of full colour photographs on 130 gloss art paper

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Graham Marsden takes angling by the scruff of the neck, gives it a good shake, and picks the bones out of it in his own in-depth, diagnostic way much loved by the thinking angler.

Angling Essays is an interesting and entertaining read about how the author tackled different problems with different species, his approach to fishing, the successes, the failures, and not forgetting the fun and the humour he found along the way. He is assisted with chapters on big roach and big perch by Mark Wintle and Gary Knowles respectively.

With the same wit and wisdom he penned in his popular magazine and newspaper articles, Angling Essays is thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, frequently educational, often funny and undoubtedly entertaining.

The book is a collection of in-depth essays, rather than a step-by-step guide to catching fish. Although not an autobiography, the book reflects the writing life of a successful all-round coarse angler.

Even the most experienced angler cannot fail to learn and be entertained by this long awaited sequel to Graham’s original ‘Advanced Coarse Fishing’ (A & C Black) which was published in 1980.

Graham Marsden

Graham Marsden’s first article was published in 1968, launching a long career as an angling writer, photographer, tackle consultant and fishing media editor. He has written well over 1000 articles for fishing magazines in the UK and worldwide. He has also written several books and contributed chapters to scores of others.

Graham has caught specimen fish of every freshwater species. He remains a fanatical coarse and fly angler and rarely goes a week without fishing somewhere.

Graham is married to wife Anne with grown-up children and numerous grandchildren. He is soon to become a great grandfather at the ripe young age of 69!