Something completely new for all anglers: a group of fishermen and professional musicians from the States have recorded a CD Big Fish Radio which contains 14 brilliant tracks of blues, jazz and country music, all with a contemporary fishing theme.


For the first time in the UK, here is music guaranteed to strike a chord with all brothers and sisters of the angle.


What fisherman will fail to identify with a song whose lyrics are: ‘My baby says fishing’s just a waste of time’?


Or with the exuberant joy of a pending fishing trip: ‘I’m a Goin’ Fishin’?


Then there’s the lyrical ‘Leave This World Behind’ which poignantly captures the reflective mood of the angler in a lovely blues track.


‘Big Old Trout’ is another southern blues number expounding the frustrations of that elusive fish that you just can’t quite catch, while ‘Ain’t No Sure Thing (on the river)’ is probably the first time a modern musician has recorded a song on this truth which every fisher knows.
A favourite is the ‘On the Esopus’ where you can almost hear the wide shallow river flowing in the early morning as the mists rise off the water in the moving guitar music. What’s yours?
Big Fish Radio is exclusively available in the UK from Merlin Unwin Books (priced £10 plus P&P) on 01584 877456 or from our website .


If you would like to hear a sample recording of one of the tracks just follow this link: <;categoryId=6>