At 11.00am on Friday 22nd July, in the House of Fishing at the CLA Game Fair, there will be a debate between representatives of the angling and fisheries sector and the British Hydropower Association about whether or not Low Head Hydropower (turbines in rivers) can be called “green energy”.

The last few years has seen hundreds of applications to install turbines on rivers throughout the UK.  The Angling Trust and the Salmon & Trout Association will be joining forces to put forward the argument that the cumulative damage to coarse and game fisheries and other aquatic wildlife far outweighs the minimal amounts of electricity generated by this form of renewable energy.
The British Hydropower Association will argue that low head hydropower is a readily-available form of energy generation which can help local communities convert to a low carbon economy.
Many landowners are considering installing turbines on rivers as part of the rapid growth in renewable energy generation in the UK, supported by Feed In Tarriffs from Government.  The debate is therefore intended to inform members of the Country Land and Business Association about the issues involved.
The debate promises to be robust.  Low head hydropower is an extremely controversial issue affecting the British countryside.
Entrance is free.  Members and journalists are encouraged to attend.