Following concerns expressed by anglers worried that the Cemex portfolio of about 100 waters could be lost to the sport the Angling Trust has contacted Fennwright, the agents handling the sale, and offered to broker contacts with interested clubs or fisheries interests to see if the owners would consider joint bids in order to retain angling access to these historic venues.

In a letter to Martin Freeman, head of Fennwright’s fisheries division, Angling Trust chairman Mike Heylin said:“The Cemex Angling brand has an excellent reputation for good fisheries management in waters that have produced no fewer than six British record fish. These waters have become an important part of the history of modern angling and it would be a tragedy if they were lost to our sport. I am also sure that you would want to do everything possible to retain the good name and legacy that Cemex Angling will be leaving behind them.“We are very keen to work with you to ensure that angling access is maintained on this range of historic and important waters that still contain many of the country’s famous fish. We would be happy to encourage local angling associations to submit joint bids for waters in their specific areas if that would facilitate your preferred outcome of minimising the sub-division of the Cemex portfolio. Alternatively we are able to send the details of waters available to our member clubs in the localities and work with you to secure both a fair price and the continuance of these important fisheries.”Angling Trust Campaigns Co-ordinator Martin Salter added:“Like many anglers I consider this amazing collection of waters to be of huge importance to the specialist angling scene.  Lakes such as Longfield, Theale, and Burghfield are very much part of my own fishing history going right back to the days before Leisure Sport to the old Halls Angling Scheme. They hold a similar place in the memories and affections of thousands of anglers and it is important that we pull together, and if necessary pool resources, to see off any bids from organisations that would exclude angling as future activity on these iconic venues.”Fennwright have agreed in principle to meet and work with the Angling Trust and are encouraging angling clubs and others interested to register on the Cemex section of their website at  by the end of the first week in May.The Trust will be circulating this information to all its 1,550 member clubs and fisheries.Mike Heylin added:“I have no doubt that Cemex and its agents would like the sale to be as straightforward as possible and we may be able to assist in bringing together clubs and others in those areas where there is a high concentration of these waters such as Ringwood, Reading and the Thames Valley, or Essex.”