A new partnership between the Angling Development Board (ADB)1, British Waterways (BW) and the Environment Agency (EA) has been formed to provide exciting opportunities for angling clubs in the North.
The ADB aims to achieve maximum impact across all angling disciplines through establishing a framework of nine development regions within England. As a result, the ADB has been able to employ a Regional Implementation Officer in the North of England whose role will be to work with angling clubs to increase their membership numbers, to improve their facilities, to develop more coaches and to access external funding for their development schemes.
Primarily, the initial focus will be on existing clubs, with fisheries on or near BW canals, that have the determination to follow the example of those clubs that have trail-blazed the process of becoming Clubmark accredited clubs with a growing membership, increased subscription income and additional funding from various local and regional sources.
To take the project forward the Board is also looking to help individuals or small groups with the vision to take on and manage stretches of canal running through urban areas where the angling facility has become neglected.
This is a big opportunity for clubs that have experienced a steady decline in membership numbers and income, or for individuals and groups who can see the potential in their local canal but need help to make their vision a reality. However, the capacity of the Regional Implementation Officer is not endless. Therefore, those that hang back to see how others fair first before ‘putting their toe in the water’, may find themselves left behind.
Darren Birch, the ADB Implementation Officer for this project says “angling has long been one of this country’s most popular participation sports and we are extremely excited about this new opportunity that will allow us to work with clubs and local communities to encourage even more people to enjoy the sport along their local waterway”.
So if you are interested in being part of this project, don’t delay, contact Darren Birch, ADB Implementation Officer (North) a.s.a.p. at darren.birch@anglingdevelopmentboard.org.uk
1 The Angling Development Board is the development arm of the three angling governing bodies in England, the National Federation of Anglers, the National Federation of Sea Anglers and the Salmon & Trout Association. The Regional Implementation Officer post is also support by Sport England.