This April and May, Discovery Real Time Extra is dedicating every single second to the great British passion that is fishing. Tune in for some of the best angling adventures, presented by a host of the country’s most famous fishing faces:

Sunday 1st April

Henry Gilbey is one of televisionĀ¹s most energetic and enthusiastic fishing presenters.  Catch him not only in classic episodes of Fishing on the Edge, but  also  in  both series of Wild Fishing with Henry, where he leaves his comfort  zone  behind and heads to the remoteness of arctic Norway and also the deserted beaches of Mozambique.

6th -9th April / 5th-7th May

Two weekends are dedicated to the fishing legend that is Matt Hayes. In April Matt casts off in episodes of Total Fishing, Mainstream with Matt Hayes and Record Breaking Fish. He can also be found in the Greater Rod Race, alongside his frequent angling companion Mick Brown. The pair travel from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of England visiting the very best fishing locations that can be found along the way, with the challenge to catch as many fish in weight as miles travelled.

21st­-22nd April / 19th-20th May

The name John Wilson is synonymous with angling, and Discovery Real Time Extra has two weekends dedicated to his fishing prowess. Tune in for classic episodes of Go Fishing, plus John Wilson’s Fishing Safari, which takes him across the globe in search of the most exhilarating and acrobatic species of fish that can be caught on rod and line including the bronze whaler shark, wels catfish, tiger fish, alestes and nile perch.