MORE good specimen fish were caught by Bailiwick of Guernsey anglers in November.

The West Coast Sea Angling Club held the third and last leg in their annual Specimen Fish Hunt Competition, which is a shore based event.

Each leg lasts for a whole weekend, running from Friday at 6.00pm through to Sunday at 10.00pm.

The third competition produced a number of good fish, including a 6-11-14 ballan wrasse, 7-15-1 bass, 3-7-1 black bream, 9-11-5 bull huss, 1-8-1 garfish, 1-14-7 golden grey mullet, 5-6-13 grey mullet, 2-1-0 red mullet and a 2-13-6 sole.

Winner of the Fish Hunt for the second year in succession and a record equaling fourth time overall was Sam Robins.  Over the three legs he landed 11 different species, a record in the 13 years of the competition.

His catches made a very impressive list, for they consisted of a 4-0-8 grey mullet, 1-2-8 red gurnard, 1-2-0 poat, 2-3-12 lesser spotted dogfish, 6-7-3 ballan wrasse, 1-9-2 red mullet, 1-3-9 three bearded rockling, 9-11-5 bull huss, 7-15-1 bass, 2-7-9 black bream and a 1-3-10 golden grey mullet.

He was well rewarded for his efforts for besides taking home the Specimen Hunter Trophy, he also won £1,095 of cash, vouchers and assorted tackle.

Another big winner was Andy Gilbert.  He won £1,095 for breaking a Bailiwick shore record, his winning fish being a 2-6-9 Couch’s sea bream.

This catch has also been accepted by the British Record (Rod-Caught) Fish Committee as the new British record.

The fact that 17 different species were recorded during the Fish Hunt confirms the excellent, varied fishing available to Bailiwick anglers.

Other shore catches include a 5-2-0 black bream caught in Sark by Helen Plummer, a 6-7-15 ballan wrasse by Mike Weysom and a brace of grey mullet by Tony Ozard, the two fish weighing 6-14-11 and 6-8-5.

Afloat persistent strong winds have continued to play havoc with planned boat trips.

Anglers who have got out in the few calmer spells have caught some good fish, including black bream of almost identical weights.

Alan Broe Bougourd had a 6-7-0 ballan wrasse near Platte Fougere Lighthouse.

Before the Bailiwick’s angling activities go into their quieter spell in the Spring, there are two more open competitions to be enjoyed.  The Guernsey Sea Anglers Club will be holding their Fur and Feather Competition before Christmas and the Guernsey Mullet Club open is scheduled for mid-January.