Bait company Bait-Tech has signed Hungarian carper Robert Nagi to strengthen its European appeal in the carp marker

Sales & Brand Manager Ian Hirst commented: “It’s a pleasure to have him as part of Carp Team Bait-Tech. Robi’s many qualities include his humour and friendly nature and an extremely professional approach to his carp fishing. He is meticulous in his planning and his technical ability takes carp fishing to a new level. He has won many of the European carp match fishing honours and we at Bait-Tech are delighted to have him on board as a member of Team Bait-Tech.”

This is what Robi, also known as Robi Black Cap. says of being part of Bait-Tech: “Right now I feel that I have a second family. Being a member of this carp team gives me self confidence, support and a lot of energy to move forward in perfecting carp fishing techniques and levelling up carp fishing culture. I have been using Bait-Tech products for many years – I won my first match with Special G in 2007 – and am fully convinced that what Bait-Tech represents is the ONLY way in bait development. I specialise in rapid carp fishing methods and have managed to catch many 20+ (kg) carp in the last 2 years using Particles, Krill pellets, oils and method mixes. I will do my best and hope that my experiences and knowledge will be useful contribution to the team’s goals.”

He continued: “My country, Hungary has a huge angler community relative to the population. I can say that in general it is still easy to catch some fish – however catching the big ones or fishing in natural waters is a great challenge. On the one hand this means a strong need for innovation and cutting edge techniques, but on the other hand there is a lot to do in populising fish care, modern methods or waterfront appearance.

“Bait-Tech gathers admirers thanks to its superior quality and functionality. 100% sure, if you visit any feeder competition, you find Special G, Halibut Marine or Karma in the buckets, Many Bait-Tech bait recipes are going around labelled as fish-magnet… Prior to carp fishing, I think, with embracing the toolkit of rapid carp fishing, many carp anglers will switch to particles, pellets, oils, critically balanced hook baits and even method mixes. Quality is over quantity – this is not heresy any more. These are core values of Bait-Tech, it is light years ahead of local manufacturers. I am confident that Bait-Tech products will give a lot of happiness on the Hungarian shores. My goal is to help anglers to find joy and progression in their hobby.”