Barston Lakes is the latest water to have the carp disease KHV confirmed, but the fishery remains open and owner Nigel Harrhy says he’s not too worried.

Barston lost around 200 carp from 3-15lb over an eight week period but the deaths have now stopped and the larger fish seemed to have weathered the storm.

Barston Lakes owner Nigel Harrhy

“It’s really been quite a minor fish kill and although it’s disappointing to lose any fish, it’s not affected the skimmer fishing at all and we’ve not had to close,” Nigel told

Certainly that’s been borne out by recent match results – a club match there at the weekend was won with 44lb and two weeks ago the winner of a big club angler event put over 70lb on the scales, 30lb of which were carp.

Nigel plans to restock with barbel, carp and tench and will also be adding small carp from his golf course lake.

The news follows confirmation last week that nearby Packington Somers has also suffered from KHV. There have been no fish deaths there though for over a week and Packington also remains open.