Barston on fire!


Barston had a hard start to the year, as being a 21 acre 4 foot deep lake, it is challenging between January and April. But since then, the weights have just got better and better.

This weekend saw the culmination of Barston’s best week’s fishing ever, with a new Lake Record achieved at Saturday’s 43 peg match.  It was won  with an outstanding 163.8lb of carp all taken on the method, from peg 89 by the local expert Craig O ‘Brian, catching fish up to 15lb.

Craig has had many wins at Barston, but this was his best, breaking his own Match record by over 50lb. He said ‘I  would have done 200lb if it wasn’t for a bad last hour –  the line broke at the clip twice by big doubles, then after running out of line, I had to find another reel in my carry all, only to find that it was nearly seized!’

Over the rest of the lake, silvers are throwing big weights, with 30lb of silvers being common. Worm and joker was fed this weekend for the first time this season, and proved very successful. The Superleague was won with 63lb this week by an in-form Lee Addy. Many of the weights were taken with caster over the joker to deter the small fish that can be a nuisance on bloodworm, when there are 1lb skimmers and roach to be caught.

This can be very frustrating at the moment although the ‘bits’ are never there in the middle of the winter when you want them!


Carpers are still having good sport, with fish to 26.8 coming out this week, mainly on boily or big pellet.  Big baits are needed overnight as there are many small carp up to 3lb that give good sport during the day, but will keep you awake at night!

The Carpers will welcome the sport as we approach winter, as the ‘easy’ lakes are a very welcome days fishing to anglers wanting to get some runs!

The impressive Barston Lakes are attached to West Midlands Golf Club and have yellow AA signs from the A452 Kenilworth Road.  Day Tickets £6, nights £11 and 24 hours £15. Info at