Last week we saw a bombardment of joker balled in in a 5 minute prebaiting period by 31 of the best anglers, inc. Downes, Cox, Teale, and Ashby.
It is the first time this has been done on this lake and frankly it didn’t work! This lake is only 3 to 4 foot deep on the pole line and although has a good head of roach, doesn’t have the amount for this kind of attack. I think cupping in 1 ball of any bait/groundbait, weather it be joker or chopped worm and then feeding to your bites would be a better way.
Carp are being caught by the odd angler but further out in the slightly deeper water. (the far corner is 14 feet deep and is fishing very well during the cold weather). Odd fish to 17lb but only being caught in the night. A bit cold for night fishing in my opinion! (pops are worth a try, carp can be midwater this time of year)
The match pool is fishing well, the deep track down the middle is were they are this time of year, maybe up on the shelf if the sun comes out. Maggots casters and chopped worm are the best baits,there are only a few roach and perch in there so wont get pestered by small fish.