The BBC is breaking with apparent tradition by preparing to launch a brand new fishing show, thought to be called The Big Fish*.

Programme planners at the British Broadcasting Corporation are thought to have been very much against angling for many years.

However, in the planned series UK anglers will be challenged to test their skills in a new and extreme environment, combining their own talents with new techniques learnt from the indigenous population and international experts.

And they are looking for anglers who wish to take part.

“The Big Fish needs a bunch of amateur anglers to take on fantastic journeys and amazing adventures,” said a spokesman. “We are looking for a diverse range of angling enthusiasts from all over the UK to take part and push their fishing skills to the extreme.”

The talent search is open to non-professional anglers aged 18 and over and resident in the UK.

Anyone interested in finding out more or downloading an application form should contact or call the team on 0117 974 2349.