The NFA can now provide Access Audits for all angling clubs and fisheries with member clubs receiving a special discounted rate as a benefit of their membership of their Governing Body.

Access Audits are an essential provision for all fishery owners and angling clubs as both of these are regarded as ‘service providers’ under the Disability Discrimination Act and as such have a duty to comply and make their facilities available to all. An NFA Access Audit will show fisheries and clubs what is good about the access to their waters and facilities and where there is need for improvement.

Improvements in access are essential for all fisheries and angling clubs to show their commitment to taking a serious approach to the Disability Discrimination Act. With the right approach they will enable clubs to attract new members and provide better facilities for existing members.  Showing a positive approach to access will also open the door to new funding streams as grant awarding bodies can be positively influenced by a commitment to access for all.

The overriding benefit that an NFA Access Audit will provide is that it will make angling available to everyone and more participants in the sport is what everybody in angling wants to see. In 2006 the NFA commissioned an Access Audit of Marsh Farm Lakes belonging to Godalming Angling Society, prior to them being used as the venue for the 2006 NFA National Final for Anglers with Disabilities. Andrew Mackenzie, Still Water Fisheries Manager for Godalming AS, stated upon the results of his NFA Access Audit,

“I’ve just received a copy of your Access Report and I think it is probably the most honest and balanced report I have read in a long time. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t really seem enough but I and the rest of the committee are really very grateful for your time, effort and honesty.”

This is not the only benefit that clubs can receive from their membership with water owning clubs also receiving free legal and fishery advice and heavily discounted insurance rates allowing them to save considerable club funds. If you would like to find out more about how your club or fishery can benefit from an NFA Access Audit, or want information about any of the benefits of joining the NFA please visit the website, or call the NFA directly on 0115 981 3535.

Why should fisheries be Access Audited?
• Fishery owners, including Angling Clubs, are regarded as ‘service providers’ under The Disability Discrimination Act and as such have a duty to comply with the Act.
• The NFA Fishery Access Audit is the first step towards compliance with The Disability Discrimination Act.
• The NFA Fishery Access Audit shows what is good about access to the fishery and identifies where access can be improved.   
• The NFA Fishery Access Audit makes recommendations based on ‘reasonable adjustments’ which can be made in order to improve access for all.
• Improved access for all benefits everyone visiting the fishery.
How would our club, society or association, benefit from a NFA Fishery Access Audit?
• As service providers your club will be taking a serious approach to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.
• Your club will be able to consider, and take action, to improve accessibility to your fisheries.
• Improved access for all will benefit all your members and hopefully attract new ones.
• Decisions regarding allocation of funding and support from grant awarding bodies should be positively influenced by a commitment to increase accessibility to all.
• Your club will be recognised as one committed to increasing access to angling for all.

What does a NFA Fishery Access Audit involve?
The NFA will arrange for our access auditor to visit your fishery to;
• Meet with club officials and discuss your fishery and your clubs plans.
• Conduct an Access Audit of your fishery.
• Prepare a written report detailing current accessibility for all to the fishery and any public buildings and facilities.
• Provide detailed information regarding suitability of swims, platforms and paths at the fishery.
• Provide recommendations to improve accessibility using ‘reasonable adjustments’
• Provide advice regarding funding and grant applications.
The NFA fee for its’ NFA Fishery Access Audit includes all costs and expenses incurred in the production and delivery of the Access Audit Report. There are no hidden costs.

Who conducts the NFA Fishery Access Audit?

Our access auditor, Dave Nelson, has a wealth of experience of improving accessibility for all in many sporting, leisure, and recreational settings. As a ADB Licensed Angling Coach, holder of the Certificate in Fishery Management of the IFM, and a Regional Officer for Disability for the NFA, Dave specialises in Fishery Access Audits, in improving accessibility to fisheries, and in identifying funding opportunities for improved accessibility projects.

Price structure
No of Pegs                                                    Affiliated Clubs   Non – Affiliated Clubs, Local authorities, Private / Commericial Fiheries.
0 – 100 Pegs £700.00 plus VAT £1050.00 plus VAT
101 – 200 Pegs £850.00 plus VAT £1300.00 plus VAT
201 – 300 Pegs £1000.00 plus VAT £1500.00 plus VAT

Prices are fully inclusive of travel, accomodation, stationary, IT, postage etc.

Clubs will receive a full Access Audit Report to Disability Discrimination Act requirements. Each peg will be audited along with an audit of external approach entrance, horizontal circulation, vertical circulation, internal spaces, sanitary facilities, signage and information, and evacuation (PEEPS), Recommendations for improving access will be given.

The Access Audit does not replace the need for a seperate risk assessment of the venue (recommended that this is conducted by a local coach).

The National Federation of Anglers
The sport of angling is recognised by Sport England and the Government as offering key benefits to society through participation in a healthy outdoor activity. As anglers we already know how our sport helps us to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the pleasures that our countryside provides.

We also play a key role in the conservation of our rivers and lakes as we are often the first to notice water pollution and fish disease. It is through our efforts that we help to safeguard the environment in which our sport takes place, and protect the very existence of our sport.

Angling caters for every cross-section of the community irrespective of age, gender, race, physical ability, mental ability or social standing. Through our pro-active coaching and development programmes we are helping to educate youngsters about the skills required in everyday life, as well as the current issues that affect our sport and how they can participate and contribute to the development of angling.

By joining the NFA you are supporting our work which promotes and protects your sport. It is only through adopting a collective stance that we can highlight the issues that threaten the development of angling as a modern and vibrant sport.