By using well-teased-out seal’s fur and a touch of floatant, this is an exceptional fly that sits just in the surface film. Floating lines and long, tapered leaders are the order of the day; make sure you degrease the tippet near the fly for presentation purposes.
Cast to rising fish, and expect a small sip, rather than a splashy rise.

Hook: Kamasan B400 size 12
Thread: Black
Body: Rear and front black seal’s fur, middle red seal’s fur, both well picked out
Rib: Pearl tinsel

How To Tie The Fly

1. Clamp the hook in the vice and with touching turns create a base of tying thread, stopping opposite the barb.
2. Tie in the pearl tinsel with a couple of wraps of thread to secure.
3. Take a generous pinch of black seal’s fur and form a nice, even dubbing rope.
4. Now wind the dubbing rope onto the hook shank in tight touching turns and take it up to a point near the centre of the hook shank.
5. Take a generous bunch of red seal’s fur and form a dubbing rope
6. Wind on the red seal’s fur in tight touching turns and stop two-thirds of the way along the hook shank. 
7. With the last pinch of black seal’s fur, form another even dubbing rope.
8. Again wind on the dubbing rope in touching turns and stop just behind the eye of the hook.
9. Rib with the pearl tinsel, whip finish and varnish the head of the fly. Take your dubbing needle and tease out the seal’s fur fibres.

Total Fly Fisher