There have been some good barbel caught from Midlands rivers in the last few days, topped by a 15lb 8oz beauty from the Warwickshire Avon – one of the biggest ever caught from the river. It fell to the rod of Adam Davies, who was less than hopeful after finding the stretch busy with anglers and having to fish a swim he didn’t fancy.

However, the fish had not read the rule book and Adam was soon cradling the mighty barbel after it took a liking to his double 8mm pellet offering fished with a small PVA bag. It beats Adam’s personal best by 3lb.
On the River Teme James Sarker set a new personal best with an 11lb 8oz fish from near Worcester. With the river low and clear, James (19) pre-baited with particles the night before fishing, and then fished a pellet and fake maggot hook bait over the top.
Meanwhile Simon Storer fished the maggot feeder to fool an 11lb 4oz barbel from the Birmingham Anglers Association controlled stretch of the Warwickshire Avon near Evesham, and added an 8lb 4oz zander on a bleak hook bait later in the session.