Tim ‘Doc’ Sullivan has won the Irish Catch of the Week with this magnificent brown trout caught on the dry fly from Ireland’s River Suir.

Tom was fishing with pals Stevie Munn, Ian Gordon, Kevin Shone and Andrew Ryan were fishing the evening rise in muggy condition son the Roxborough stretch of the famous Waterford waterway.

Andrew recalled: “The rise was slow to get going, and not that many fish were moving.  This can be the case with evening fishing sometimes the fish are just not on. We decided to move to the top of the beat to see if we could see any fish rising on the flats.

“On our way I spotted a large fish breaking the surface.  Tom’s rod was at the ready and he had a cast or two with no joy..
“Then the fish rose again a few feet further up. So he had another cast or two. Then both Ian and I heard Tom shouting: “I have him!’ My god he was 6lb or 7 lb…. maybe even 8lb.”

The River Suir is a river in Ireland that flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Waterford after a distance of 185 kilometres.
The venue is renowned for its game angling, holding both salmon (Salmo salar) and brown trout (Salmo trutta). The brown trout season runs from 17th March to 30th September inclusive. When fishing the River Suir, you will often need to cross farmland and access is courtesy of the local farmer. Please respect their property, crops and animals, light no fires or leave any litter and leave gates as you found them. When parking make sure that you are not blocking gates.

Brown trout: 17 March to 30 September
Salmon and sea trout: 17 March to 30 September