is receiving a boost of big carp to add to its already impressive current stocks.

Moonscale, the 30lb carp stocked in March 2006 was steered to the bank no less than eight times in 2006 and by May 2007 was landed just 6oz under 33lb and is still growing. Readily identifiable “Popeye” is already chasing the magic 30lb with a couple more big fish including a fine common not far behind. 

The three additional very large carp are due to be stocked in Jimmy’s Lake at in January. These will be some of the heaviest to be caught this far north in the UK.

Best is a 37lb mirror. Next, and perhaps of greater interest to many, is a 33lb common. The “baby” of the trio is still a 32lb mirror.

The owners say Jimmy’s Lake at now offers one of the best opportunities to catch 30 pounders in the northwest.

Interest by anglers setting out to catch these fish has been such that the permit system on Jimmy’s Lake at is to be revised from March 15th.

A limited number of 12-month 24hour permits will be issued which will allow anglers to fish with up to four rods whenever they choose at no extra cost (subject to availability). Further details at .

Borwickfishing is just 5 minutes from Junction 35 on the M6 boasts eigh very different pools from .25 acres to 4 acres plus a 15 acre Specimen Lake giving 250 pegs in total:

Contact John Harding on 01829 732748, or Jimmy on 07984 399637