ONE thing many ‘ordinary’ anglers find annoying about the big carp fishing scene is its closed shop nature. Most of the specimen fish we see reported come from secret or at the very least syndicated waters, which you would have to pay through the nose to get on even if you could get on the exclusive waiting lists.

Well that could all be about to change with the announcement that Rob Hales, who runs such a syndicate water in Shropshire, is about to open a day ticket water holding numerous 30lb and 40lb fish.
The venue will be Monument Pool at Shifnal, and Rob has decided to develop it because the waiting list for his Acton Burnell syndicate just keeps on growing.

“I wanted to create a quality fishery that is open to everyone,” said Rob. “This fishery will be the fairest in the country as we will make sure there are no hotspots.”

The new eight-acre water will be sponsored by Des Taylor’s new firm SBS Baits, and the Bewdley angler thinks it’s a brilliant idea.
“Some carp anglers will knock a ready-made specimen water like this, but it’s great news for the average angler,” he said.

“As long as you pay for your day ticket, why not have the chance of a forty instead of a ten-pounder? It’s perfect for the married angler who has a five-days-a-week job and no time for long-stay sessions.”

Rob has plans to build a café, showers and bait room at the 45-acre Monument site, which should be ready for the 2004 season. He is even planning on taking underwater photographs of features in each swim so that anglers will know exactly where to place their baits.