Tunnel Barn Farm’s three-day May Bank Holiday Festival will see the winner walk away with £1,000 in readies, with big cash prizes right down to sixth place.

With fishing on Top, Extension and High Pools (17 pegs on each) on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, it’s £22 to enter. which includes a £7 peg fee.

Matches will be decided on a weight basis and run as normal opens, with payouts at the end of each day. You must book by May 1st to reserve your places.

Overall pay outs of £1,0000 (1st), £500 (2nd), £400 (3rd), £300 (4th), £200 (5th) and £100 (6th) are based on a sell-out of 51 anglers. See www.tunnelbarnfarm.co.uk .

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